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Standard Format this Reddit Anime Wikia 2014

Dear Wikia contribubter and users,

This will be the standard layout if you edit a wikia page:

You see the template of the infobox, just copy this code, when you are edit a new page, also if there isn't enough information in an line, just add the stub tag to that line.

Only link the genres and released date

Add the tags (of the catagory) of the genres to the article and the released date too.

Add image from the Wiki page (if it is the anime version of the image and not a manga version), if a manga version, then search the anime in the AnimeDB for image.

Yours sincerely, --Sarnagon (talk) 21:39, April 12, 2014 (UTC)



(Source: Myanimelist)



Inspirations and Derivative works








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