Often forgotten as being the older brother to Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster came out of the brilliant mind of Hideaki Anno before he went on to produce such classics as Nadia and Kare Kano and highlighted all of the things that would make him such a prominent director in the years to come. If you like any combination of tits, giant robots, fucking space monsters, female leads, or an aim for the top kind of attitude, then odds are that you'll like Gunbuster. Released in 89', Gunbuster is considered by many to be the last truely great anime of the 80s and has the same hand-drawn style consistent with most shows in that timeframe. It's a hell of a joyride comprable to a much more intelligent TTGL.


Noriko, the daughter of heroic space captain who died fighting space monsters, needs to prove that she can be the best by becoming a buster pilot and getting revenge for her father. Contains a shitload of fighting spirit, tits, and pubic hair.

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