The Tatami GalaxyEdit

Generally recognized as the first great anime to come out of the 10s, the Tatami Galaxy has an undeniable aesthetic charm too it, that will frighten some and attract others. The show itself doesn't have any real overarching plot, although it does have smaller ones, and the series concludes in such a way that references every previous episode. It's some good shit though. I put it off for a while, and I was greatly impressed when I finally got around to it. It might not be the greatest anime ever, but it's a really good show, impeccably designed and fantastically executed. You don't see many shows that care this much about the little details.


The typical retard response when asked about the plot of TTG is something along the lines "hurr japanese Groundhog Day." but aside from the show taking place in a time recursion, there are little to no similarities. The show is more a character study than Groundhog Day was ever intended to be (not that that says anything bad about Groundhog Day, lord knows I love me some Groundhog Day). Shit's good though. Akari is love.