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Fill this in with a one to two paragraph description of the anime. This is not the place for reviews; objective description of the show only. Hit upon the major themes of the show, and what the show is "all about".

Characters and VAs

A quick description of each major character and who their VA is (in both Japanese and English, in that order). Multiple English dubs go in order of release, unreleased dubs don't count.

Inspirations and Derivative works

Things that inspired this anime and things that were inspired by it. If there's nothing to put here that you can find, delete this section.

If you liked this, you might enjoy...

Think of shows that are similar to this one. Shows that a person who enjoyed this show would want to see after this show. Direct sequels, spiritual successors, similar movies/shows, movies/shows by the same director, etc. Link directly to the pages for the anime in question, even if a page doesn't exist for it yet, as that makes it a "Needed page" in the wiki, and easier to round up and polish off.


Put valuable links here. The anime's page on Hulu/Crunchyroll/, the studio's page for the anime, where to buy it on Amazon/Right Stuf/Etc. (no affiliate links, not even using Neito's). Name studios using official names. No pages that have torrents or streams of licensed shows that don't have the express permission of the licensor or studio.


One review per Redditor, revised as many times as you want. Give a quick judgment on the anime (again, 1-2 paragraphs is ideal). Avoid number/letter grades/scores. If you feel the need to give a "final score", say "Watch" or "Don't Watch".