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KKK-On! (or KKK-On someone kill me edition) for the second season of the anime) is a series of cringy hell by 4satans about a group of fuckers that decide to act like their taking a photo. It was adapted into a shite anime by satan studios in 20XX, with a second season that nearly caused the rapture. It is easily one of the most assamafacing series of the last couple of years: it is difficult to discuss the series without causing world war 3 between its dead babies and good people. It has a reputation as being the epitome of the moe style.

Fan reactionsEdit

Most weeaboos tend to either go to hell or deride it as inane, stupid, and annoying. In particular, your opinion of the anime will depend greatly on how many times you voted for obama (kappa) . Mentioning it in the same thread at /a/ as Haruhi (which is less eggroll) is pretty much a guarantee of world war 3 or the sern dystopia fuck you steins;gate 4 liggity life.


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