List of anime that Hulu is streaming, and assorted info.

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List of Anime Streaming on HuluEdit


Accel World 24/24 Both Hulu Dubbed
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero 12/12 Hulu
Ah! My Goddess 26/26 Dubbed Hulu
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy 24/24 both Hulu
Air Gear 25/25 both 1 SP Hulu rowspan="3"
AniDB #
Ai Yori Aoshi 36/36 Hulu
Akame Ga Kill! 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka 13/13 Subbed Hulu
AKB0048 13/13 Subbed Hulu
AKB0048: Next Stage 13/13 Subbed Hulu
Akkikan 13/13 Subbed Hulu
Allison & Lillia 26/26 Subbed Hulu
Amagami SS 26/26 Subbed Hulu
Amnesia 12/12 Subbed Hulu
Angel Beats! 14/14 Subbed Hulu
Another 12/12 Subbed Hulu
Appleseed XIII 13/13 Subbed Hulu Adding Dubs
Aquarion 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB Slowly adding subbed eps
Aria: The Scarlet Ammo 14/14 Subbed Hulu Adding dubs
Armitage III Movie Subbed Hulu
Attack on Titan 25/25+OVA Subbed Hulu


Astro Boy (1980)

48/52 Subbed Hulu


Astro Boy (2003) 50/50 Dubbed Hulu AniDB its all dubbed 1 season


Baccano! 13/13 Dubbed 3 EPs Hulu AniDB No longer available (Checked Oct 23 2016)
Bakemonogatari 12/12

Hulu AniDB

Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts 13/13 fucked-what

Hulu AniDB

Baldr Force EXE 4/4 Subbed
Bamboo Blade 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB
Big Windup 25/25 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Birdy the Mighty: Decode 25/25 Both Hulu AniDB
Black Blood Brothers 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Blassreiter 24/24 Hulu AniDB
Blast of Tempest 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Bleach 316/366 Dubbed Hulu AniDB 316 Dubbed and 366 Subbed. Updates every month
Buso Renkin 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB


Casshern Sins 24/24 Both Hulu AniDB
Clannad 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Clannad: After Story 25/25 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Clannad: The Motion Picture 1 Subbed Hulu AniDB
The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou 24 Both Hulu AniDB No longer available (Checked Oct 23 2016)
Coyote Ragtime Show 12/12 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Cross Game 7/50 Subbed Hulu AniDB


Dance in the Vampire Bund 12/12 Subbed 1 SP Hulu AniDB Censored
dragon ball GT 25/25 Both 1 SP Hulu AniDB all sesons
Death Note 37/37 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Death Parade 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB As of 2015-07-24
Descendants of Darkness 13/13 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Desert Punk 15/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Detroit Metal City 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Devil May Cry 12/12 both Hulu AniDB
D. Gray Man 51/103 Both Hulu AniDB
Digimon Adventure 2 13/50 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Dragonaut: The Resonance 25/25 Subbed 1 SP Hulu AniDB


El Cazador de la Bruja 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB
Ergo Proxy 23/23 Dubbed Hulu AniDB

Eureka Seven 24/50


Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB Updated 2015-08-03
Fist of the North Star 152/152 Subbed Hulu AniDB Seasons 1 and 2
FLCL 6/6 Both Hulu AniDB
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 16/64 Both Hulu AniDB
Full Metal Panic! 24/24 Both Hulu AniDB Season one
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu 11/11 Both 1 SP Hulu AniDB Missing 1 SP. Season two, but a side story.
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid 13/13 Both Hulu AniDB Season three
Future Diary 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB 1st season


Gad Guard 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB
Gangsta 5/? Subbed Hulu AniDB Ongoing
Galaxy Express 999 9/113 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Ghost Hunt 25 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Gigantor 52/83 Dubbed Hulu AniDB aka Tetsujin 28-gou
Gun Frontier 13/13 Dubbed Hulu AniDB No longer on Hulu; checked on 02/26/16
Gungrave 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB
Gunslinger Girl 13/13 Both 2 SP Hulu AniDB Uhh well, they switched the names of the seasons? Or something?
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino 13/13 Both Hulu AniDB See above.
Gurren Lagann 27/27 Subbed Hulu AniDB


Haibane Renmei 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB 2 Episodes dubbed
Hellsing 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB 3 Episodes dubbed
Hellsing: Ultimate 10/10 Subbed Hulu AniDB 1 Episode dubbed
Hero Tales 14/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Heroic Age 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB Hetalia: Axis Powers 28/52 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Hikaru No Go 59/75 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Honey and Clover 36/36 Subbed Hulu AniDB Seasons 1 and 2
House of Five Leaves 10/12 Subbed Hulu



Ikki Tousen 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Initial D 16/24 Hulu AniDB Fourth Stage only. Seasons 1-3 not up
Inuyasha 167/167 Both Hulu AniDB Updated 2015-08-03
Inuyasha: The Final Act 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB


Jing King of Bandits: Seventh Heaven 3/3 Dubbed Hulu AniDB OVA, not the series, No longer on Hulu
Jyu-Oh-Sei 11/11 Subbed Hulu AniDB


Kekkaishi 34/52 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Kino's Journey 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB
KITE: Liberator 1/1 Dubbed Hulu AniDB Movie


Last Exile 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Le Chevalier D'Eon 24/24 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Linebarrels of Iron 24/24 Dubbed Hulu AniDB Only the first 4 episodes are dubbed
Log Horizon 25/25 Both Hulu AniDB


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 25/25 Both Hulu AniDB Season 1
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic 25/25 Subbed Hulu AniDB Season 2
Magic Knight Rayearth 20/49 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
MD Geist: Director's Cut 2/2 Dubbed Hulu AniDB Includes M.D. Geist Director's Cut and MD Geist II: Death Force movies
Michiko to Hacchin 22/22 Subbed Hulu AniDB 4 Dubbed
Moon Phase 25/25 Subbed 1 SP Hulu AniDB
Mononoke 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB Not related to Princess Mononoke
Monster 74/74 Both Hulu AniDB Removed as of 2015-07-24
Mr. Stain on Junk Alley 13/13 Dubbed 1 SP Hulu AniDB
Murder Princess 6/6 Subbed Hulu AniDB
my hero academia 26/26 Both amazing hulu all sesons


Nabari no Ou 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Nana 47/47 Both Hulu AniDB
Naruto 220/220 Both Hulu AniDB 179 Dubbed
Naruto Shippuden 421/Ongoing Subbed Hulu AniDB Up to S7E380+. Updates every Thursday with uncut, subtitled EPs on a 7 day delay. 141 Dubbed.
Natsume's Book of Friends 52/52 Subbed Hulu AniDB 4 Seasons
Negima! 4/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB aka Mahou Sensei Negima
Negima!? Magister Negi Magi 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB 2007 retelling
Nerima Daikon Brothers 12/12 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
No Game, No Life 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Now and Then, Here and There 13/13 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan 52/52 Dubbed & Subbed


Oh! Edo Rocket 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB
One Piece Ongoing Both Hulu AniDB Up to S10E454+ subbed, S2E126 dubbed. Updates Saturday with the newest EP from Japan on a 7 day delay, subbed and two EPs from the archives (both subbed and dubbed). Episodes will expire after 12 weeks.
Ouran High School Host Club 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB


Parasyte: The Maxim 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB As of 2015-07-24
Pani Poni Dash 26/26 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Penguindrum 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB 4 Dubbed
Ping Pong The Animation 11/11 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Pretty Cure 48/49 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Prince of Tennis 50/178 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Prince Planet 47/52 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Puella Magi Madoka Magica 12/12 Both Hulu AniDB
Pumpkin Scissors 24/24 Both Hulu AniDB


Ragnarok 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Rainbow Ongoing Subbed Hulu AniDB Up to S1E10+. New episodes up 8 hours after the Japanese broadcast.
Revolutionary Girl Utena 39/39 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Ramen Fighter Miki 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Robotech: Macross Saga 36/36 Dubbed Hulu AniDB Based on Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, which is also available on Hulu. Note that the American runs of these Super Dimensional series were heavily edited and rewritten. First out of three.
Robotech: New Generation 25/25 Dubbed Hulu AniDB See above. Third out of three.
Robotech: The Masters 24/23 Dubbed Hulu AniDB See above. In the American run, there is an 'extra' episode not in the original Japanese series. Second out of three.
Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles 1/1 Original English Hulu Wikipedia 2006 movie sequel to the original Robotech trilogy. It was made by a US production house, so there's no entry at AniDB.
Romeo x Juliet 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB No longer available (Checked Oct 23 2016)
Rumbling Hearts 14/14 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Rurouni Kenshin 94/94 Subbed Hulu AniDB


The Sacred Blacksmith 2/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Sailor Moon 89/200 Both Hulu
Samurai Champloo 26/26 Both Hulu AniDB
Samurai X 94/94 Dubbed Hulu AniDB aka Rurouni Kenshin
Sands of Destruction 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB There are dubbed eps available until June 15
Save Me! Lollipop 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB
School Rumble 52/52 Both 2 SP Hulu AniDB Includes both seasons and the Ichi Gakki OVA
Sekirei 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB First season only
Sengoku Basara 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Serial Experiments Lain 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB 2 episodes dubbed
Sgt. Frog Ongoing? Both Hulu AniDB Up to episode 51
Shigurui: Death Frenzy 12/12 Both Hulu AniDB
Shikabane Hime 25/25 Subbed Hulu AniDB (also known as "Corpse Princess")

Includes both Aka and Kuro seasons

Shin chan Ongoing Dubbed Hulu AniDB Up to episode 52
Shuffle 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Slam Dunk 101/101 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Slayers EVOLUTION-R 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB Fifth season
Slayers REVOLUTION 13/13 Both Hulu AniDB Fourth season. Seasons 1-3 are not up.
Soul Eater 51/51 Both Hulu AniDB

Speed Grapher

24/24 Dubbed Hulu AniDB
Space Brothers 38/99 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Space Dandy 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB Ongoing. 13 Dubbed.
Speed Racer 52/52 Dubbed Hulu AniDB The American cut has been edited and episodes shifted
Speedracer: The Movie 1/1 Original English? Hulu Can't seem to find much reliable information. No AniDB entry.
Spice and Wolf 13/13 Both 1 SP Hulu AniDB Only 2 episodes of Season Two
Strike Witches 12/12 Both Hulu AniDB

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

36/36 Dubbed Hulu AniDB Not to be confused with Robotech: Macross Saga, which is the heavily edited American version (also available on Hulu). This is the original Japanese run.


Tatami Galaxy 11/11 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar 13/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB 1 Dubbed
Terror in Resonance 11/11 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Tiger And Bunny 25/25 Both Hulu AniDB
Tokyo Ghoul 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB Season 1
Tokyo Ghoul Root A 12/12 Subbed Hulu AniDB Season 2
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 11/11 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk 12/12 Both Hulu AniDB Season 1
Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk 12/12 Both Hulu AniDB Season 2
Trinity Blood 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB


Vampire Knight 6/13 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Vandread 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB Includes first and second stages
Virus 12/12 Dubbed Hulu AniDB


When They Cry 26/26 Subbed Hulu AniDB
Witchblade 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB


X 24/24 Subbed Hulu AniDB
xxxHolic 24/24 Both Hulu AniDB Season 1 only


009-1 12/12 Dubbed 1 SP Hulu AniDB


  • I'm using the Hulu title for sorting, even though some shows are better known by their Japanese title (eg. Higurashi no Naku Noro ni = When They Cry)
  • Some shows have multiple seasons combined into one season, some multi-season shows only have one season up. ¯\(°_0)/¯
  • If people want to start adding more info (ratings, descriptions, genres, links to MAL), go for it.
  • There are certain shows only accessible by searching (eg. Full Metal Panic), which makes me think I've possibly missed some shows...
  • Hulu is constantly adding new shows and even new subbed/dubbed episodes, please help out if you notice something wrong!
  • >streaming anime

On ratings...Edit

  • Order goes rating/rank
  • The first set of numbers is the weighted rating from AniDB.
  • The second is (going to be) from MyAnimeList.
  • Vampire Night is both subbed and dubbed.


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