Long ago, Humans were forced beneath the surface of the Earth. Then, the Jiha villiage Digger Simon finds a mech and bursts through to the open! Using his mech, along with help from his "Bro" Kamina, his new friends Yoko and Leeron, and many others, he must fight against the Spiral King and the Anti-Spirals.


  • Simon
  • Kamina
  • Yoko

Inspirations and Derivative worksEdit

Counting the things that inspired Gurren Lagann is an impossible task. Barely an episode goes by without a shout-out to SOMETHING. The most prominent inspirations, however, are Mazinger Z, Gunbuster, Diebuster, and Getter Robo.

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This is a clever parody of the mecha genre, getting over and over the top as you get closer to the end.


This show is proof that we can still have good things.


The show grows the beard really hard and really fast around the climax of episode 8. It just keeps getting progressively more awesome from there.