Taking place in the far flung future of 2005, apparently normal 8 year old boy Mamoru is on a school trip to a garbage island in order to have demonstrated to him the importance of recycling, only to awaken a giant Robeast. He and his classmates are trapped on said robot, and all hope seems lost as the military bombards it with fighter jets, only to have them shot out of the sky. But whats this? A mysterious cyborg swoops in to save them, then jumps into a huge robot lion, turning it into a large robot man. When this proves not enough to save the kids, he fuses it with a bullet train, stealth bomber and drill tank to turn it into an even more Super Robot and basically rips its heart out. Just as he's about to crush it however, Mamoru suddenly starts to glow green, wings of light spread from his back, and he flies towards the robot, begging the robot not to destroy the core.
Thus goes the first episode of GaoGaiGar, an anime made in the aftermath of Evangelion that firmly refused to comply to the trends set by it, and instead gleefully returned to old school Super Robot style of brute-force attacks while declaring each one by name, and action driven by a pretty good plot. The first 25 episodes are monster of the week action - Someone gets made into a Zonder, they attack the city, GGG launch to fight it. It doesn't get old, though; new technologies and characters get introduced at a constant rate to keep it interesting and you get the occasional glimpse of what's to come. Then, after the half-way point all hell breaks loose and GGG have to try twice as hard as they were just to stay alive. Courage, friendship and sacrifice, it's everything a growing boy needs. Overall a very solid series. Lots of fun, made for kids without being kiddy and with some damn fine robot fights.

Inspirations and Derivative worksEdit

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar is one of the best examples of a typical Super Robot show and it draws upon many past iterations in the Super Robot genre.

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