When an alchemy ritual goes wrong, Edward Elric loses his leg and his brother, Alphonse. Edward sacrifices his arm to have his brother's soul trapped into a giant suit of armor. Now they journey to seek the thing that could get them back to their old selves: The Philosopher's Stone.


Ed Elric Al Elric Roy Mustang Riza Hawkeye Izumi Curtis

Inspirations and Derivative works

Sequel/continuation movie: Full Metal Alchemist: The Conquerors of Shambala

As the manga was finishing, they decided to re-do this series to follow the manga, and created Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood.

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A pretty good "popcorn show". Does a lot of things well, but nothing extraordinary. Very well animated, and with pretty good music. The entire show has a pretty good pace to it (we're ignoring the movie, as well). Definatly worth watching on it's own, even if the fangirls can be annoying.