Eureka 7Edit

I'm sure most of you will be watching this because you saw it at some point on Adult Swim. Not gonna lie, that's why I decided to give it a go. Honestly though, it's not awful. What comes across as a relatively simple action mecha show with a surfing twist ends up becoming a really interesting world with political and social intrigue. The dub is also not terrible, which is a plus.


The best description I've heard of the show was "A cute romance trying to play itself off as a macho action." While the action is undeniably there, the real driving force behind both the story and the motivation of the viewer to keep watching is invariably going to be the relationship between Renton and Eureka. Aenemone and Dominic also make up one of the most interesting pair of deutragonists in anime and have their own nice little romantic sub-plot.

Why you should watch it.Edit

Because it's good. It's a bit long though, so you might want to space it out if you're like me and you enjoy marathoning shows.