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On the Tame SideEdit

Eden of the east

Eden of the East


Ao no Exorcist

Action/Drama Action/Drama/Super-Natural/Shounen
Follows a guy named Akira Takizawa and a girl named Saki Morimi following the events of Careless Monday, an odd terrorist attack on Japan that left no one injured or dead. Turns out it was caused by a mysterious group of people called the Selecao who are stuck in a survival game with massive amounts of money and their own sense of justice as their goal. Rin is the son of Satan, born of a human woman, for the purpose of letting Satan rule both Gehenna (his domain) and Assiah (the human world). Unfortunately for Satan, Rin is imbued with his mother's kindness and refuses to turn evil, despite awakening his demon powers. He even goes so far to turn into an exorcist, combating his father's minions.
I liked this one. Good for watching with normalf*gs and casual watchers. Dubs are decent, I would suggest subs though. 2 movies continue the original season, and another one recaps it (Edited with thanks to LHCGreg). Despite being typical shounenshit, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Again, good for normalf*gs/casuals. Has KanaHana, so watch the subs.



Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Harem/Comedy/Mildly Ecchi Slice of Life/Comedy/Fantasy/Ecchi
Taro Sado is a masochist. He loves nothing more than being abused by women. The only problem is, he hates it. He dislikes the perverted image that comes along with his masochism and seeks the help of his friends and an upper-classman named Mio Isurugi. The only problem is, his friends are just as messed up as he is. School decides class rank based on exams. Those that do well get better facilities than those who don't. Classes can wage wars (in which they wager something for the winner, usually the lower class wants the higher classes facilities) through a battle system using avatars. 2 seasons.
I love this anime. The interactions between characters are hilarious, and there's some character development despite only being 12 episodes long. Plus Mio swings a baseball bat around, and I love me some girls who love baseball (The way she puts her hips into her swing make me hnnnnnnnnnng). Loved this one. I watched both the dub and the sub, and I can't really decide which is better. And for those of you who will no doubt say “This isn't ecchi” I not only had to get it out of a display case, but I had to present my fucking ID to show I was 18+ when I bought it. Also, jiggly boobs and swimsuit episode.



Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku

Action/School Life/Ecchi Slice of Life/Fantasy/Ecchi/Harem
High school students fight over half priced Lunchables. Seriously. Kohei is just the average transfer student until he finds out the student council is made up vampires. Fortunately for him, said vampires don't drink from humans. He then struggles to free his vampire friend's from their overbearing mother while maintaining his position on the student council.
Please for the love of Ecchi and all that is sacred in my life, don't overlook this because of the description. It's REALLY entertaining. Also, swimsuit episode. Honestly, only suggesting this because the girls are pretty. It's not terribad or anything, just a lackluster story that really doesn't get resolved. Feel free to skip this one.

Seitokai Yakuindomo


Infinite Stratos

Slice of Life/Ecchi/Comedy Harem/Mecha/Ecchi
Takatoshi decides to join a formally all-girls high school and somehow finds his way onto the student council. While the girls on the student council seem to have a serious front, they actually have a perverted side and aren't afraid to make Takatoshi feel uncomfortable at any moment. 2 seasons. Ichika is just an average high school boy, as long as you exclude the fact that he is the first male to be able to pilot in Infinite Stratos. This unique ability forces him to enroll in an all-girls magnate school, which has the top IS pilots from around the world. Him being the only guy gets him into shenanigans within his small group of heroines.
I honestly could not stop laughing at this one. The gags are repetitive at times, but they are executed flawlessly and never get dry. A perfect example of how comedic timing should be done. I honestly love this anime to death. The girls are well drawn and have varying degrees of tsundere. Houki is mai waifu, so hands off. The BD comes out tomorrow BTW, so be sure to pick it up (avoid the dub). :)

Angel Beats!


Zero no Tsukaima

Drama/Romance Ecchi/Comedy/Romance/Action
Follows a group of kids in purgatory as they fight for what's left of their existence. Follows an inept mage, Louise, as she summons her familiar (a partner whom protects mages as they cast their spells). Her familiar happens to be an ordinary boy, Saito, from present day Japan. He is given the power of Gandalfr, one who can use any weapon placed in his hands. Mysteries around Lousies magic begin to unravel as another, more powerful mage, attempts to take over Louise's country.
I really like this anime. Sure, it's rushed and has a few loose ends, but it's great otherwise. Bring some tissues, this one almost had me crying. I particularly enjoy this anime. There's fanservice, but more into awkward situations and cosplay (Not to mention DFC tsundere~). It's a very fun series. Definitely watch all of the seasons when you get a chance.

Dog Days



Ecchi/Action/Romance Romance/Comedy
Talented young boy, Cinque, gets "kidnapped" into a land where war is a game similar to Ninja Warrior. The land is occupied by many moe dog-eared, cat-eared, and fox-eared citizens. The dog kingdom is ruled by Princess Biscotti, who has summoned Cinque to be her warrior, in an effort to turn the tide on her adversary, Queen Leonmitchelle, the cat empire. While the wars seem like a fun game, darker secrets lie within the land. This is a Romantic Comedy following the life of Ryuuji. Ryuuji has been cursed with his fathers eyes, making him appear as a delinquent, which in turn causes others to shy away from him. Due to this, he has trouble making friends, but finds one in Taiga, a small, delinquent girl.
Again, another fun series. A little more ecchi in this one as the girls seem to lose clothing and there are a few panty shots, but nothing too graphic. This one also lists in my favorites, just because it's incredibly enjoyable. Season 3 is still airing as of the 6th of February 2015.

Onegai Twins

Spin off of Onegai Teacher. Kid has two girls who he thinks might be his long lost sister. Problem is, can he figure out which one it is before his lust gives way.

For the More AdventurousEdit


Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi


Queen's Blade

Ecchi/Harem/Action Full on Ecchi/Action
Taito is the servant of the powerful vampire Himea. Himea is sought by different factions, wishing to either control her or destroy her, which leads Taito to protect her despite having little to no ability. I USUALLY USE THIS SPACE FOR PLOT, BUT THIS SHIT HAS NONE.
Panties, DFC, all the things you love. Paper-thin plot leaves this one lacking, but the gradient hair and nice character design make up for it (somewhat). Girls fight each other with weapons, yet only manage to disrobe each other. Doesn't need any more explaining than that. A fap-tastic good time. If you like small boobs/flat chests, you're SoL on this one. Go watch K-on or something, casuals.

Mayo Chiki!

Golden boy

Golden Boy

Harem/Comedy/Ecchi Comedy/Ecchi
Kinjiro Sakamichi suffers from gynophobia. He breaks out in hives whenever a girl is even close to him. Problems for his condition arise when he finds out the secret of Kanade Suzutsuki's butler, and even more so when Kanade offers to heal him of his phobia. Kintaro Oe dropped out of college 3 days before getting his degree as a lawyer. He now travels around Japan on his trusty bike, picking up odd jobs. 6 epsiode OVA
EXTREMELY similar to MM!, so much so I'd call Mayo Chiki the spiritual sequel to MM! (especially considering MM!'s author suffered an untimely and saddening death before finishing MM!). Kinjiro is beta as beta gets, but again, character development and interactions save the day. I have this as more ecchi since there's a few nude scenes in the BD (so pick up the BD!). Hilariously good stuff. I believe this to be my first ecchi show, but before I really got into the genre. I gave it a 10, and I honestly believe it deserves it.


Girls Bravo

Girls Bravo

Action/Ecchi Comedy/Ecchi/Harem
Earth is constantly at war with beings of another universe. Humans have used the enemies technology against them, creating women fighters called Pandora. Brother of a famous Pandora, Kazuya Aoi, enrolls in a high school for gifted Pandora and Limiters (men who help pandoras fight by using powers to limit the aliens). Being gifted in the art of limiting, he is quickly sought after by the girls of all classes. Yukinari is a lower-than-average statured boy, and he's constantly being picked on at school. To top it all off, he's highly allergic to girls. This reaction doesn't help him when he is mysteriously transported to the planet Seiren, whose population is made up of 90% women. Harem hijinks and comedy abound. 2 Seasons.
I like to call this “Queen's Blade with plot” It's your typical girls-fight-and-lose-clothes anime, but the characters are likable and there's some story going on. I enjoyed this one a little. Cute girls, but the guy is such a feminine dude you'd think this was a yuri harem. This one is on netflix.

Yosuga no Sora



Harem (separate route)/Ecchi (borderline hentai) Comedy/Ecchi/Gender Bender
Haruka Kasugano and his sister, Sora, have moved back to the country in order to improve Sora's overall health. The anime follows him as he enraptures several girls and follows him as he conquers their individual routes. Follows a high school boy named Natsuru as he is unwillingly enlisted in a tournament of special powers. Unfortunately for him, he must change into a girl to compete and use his powers. Hilarity ensues as he finds himself in ridiculous situations.
BORDERLINE HENTAI. Find the blu-ray (please do not post downloads/illegal streams, it's against the rules). It is glorious. The artwork is fantastic, and the story gets emotional. Over all, it's a great watch. Funny, but left me confused about my sexuality. Am I happy it's a girl, or sad because she is also a guy? Definitely check out both seasons~

High School of the Dead



Ecchi/Action/ZOMBIES Ecchi/Action/Comedy
The day has finally come. The zombie apocalypse has disturbed the normal humdrum life of some japanese high school students. They must use their wits and resourcefulness in order to stay alive, lest become one of the undead. Minato is a very intelligent 19 year old, but infortunately, he doesn't do well under the pressure of exams, forcing him to post pone going to university until he scores better. One fateful day, a girl, Musubi, falls into his lap and claims thats he is a "Sekirei" and that Minato is her "Ashikabi", one who can form a contract with her to unleash her full potential. An all out war between sekirei and their ashikabi breaks out in the city, and only the best sekirei can remain with her partner. Minato and Musubi fight to uncover the truth behind this mysterious game.
Finally, zombies in anime done right. This ain't your Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka?, guys. This anime has the 3 things most guys look for in an action series: Bullets, Blood, and Boobs. And boy does it deliver. Check out the dub for some sexy voiced Saeko, but I would have to say the subs take the series by a small margin. It's like pokemon, but with more boobs and less furry creatures. I particularily enjoyed this anime, and not just for the boobs. Most of the characters have something about them that you just can't help but like. Also make sure to check out the second season: Sekirei: Pure Engagement.



High School DxD

Ecchi/Harem/Comedy Ecchi/Comedy/Harem
Araragi helps several girls around him cure their aberrations. Great artwork, and the comedy/word play is amazing. This series actually has 15 episodes. 12 were aired on TV, with the final 3 being web releases carrying on the final arc. The sequel to this, Nisemonogatari, has already aired, so definitely give this anime a shot! Hyoudou Issei is a second-year high school student at Kuou Private Academy, a school with a large proportion of female students. The reason Issei chose to go to this school in particular is to create a harem of his own! Unfortunately, Issei isn't that charming. Through much effort and luck, Issei finally gets his first girlfriend. However, at the end of his first date, she kills him. Or so it seemed, for, strangely enough, Issei wakes up the next day in his own bed, and lying next to him, nude, is Rias Gremory, the redhead senior from school! Rias is actually a devil. Using her powers, she had resurrected Issei as a lesser devil and as her servant!
Something for everyone. First time I have seen an anime girl with big boobs who is actually cute (different from hot, cute is much more desirable).



Nozoki Ana


Medaka Box

Drama/Ecchi Ecchi/Shounen/Action/Comedy
Kido Tatsuhiko has found a small blemish in his college flat. A small hole barely big enough to see through into his neighbors apartment. His neighbor is also aware of this hole, and forces him into an odd relationship. Medaka is a strange girl. Nearly perfect at everything she does, and well liked by almost everyone. Those that don't like her... well... she makes sure they come around eventually.
Just a small warning: This is borderline hentai. Great story, but it most certainly is fap fuel. Also, please thank violaxcore for this one. He recommended it to me <3 This is written by NisioIsin, so if you enjoy Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari, give this one a try. His trademark wordplay is prevalent throughout this manga and he knows how to tell a story. GAINAX is giving this an anime in the next season, so keep your eyes peeled! Also, shimapan.

Princess Lucia


Minamoto-kun Monogatari

Ecchi/Harem/Comedy/Romance Ecchi/Comedy
Yuta happeneds to be born at a specific time. Because of this, if a devil were to procreate with him, a demon of unspeakable power would be born into the world. Princess Lucia just so happens to know about his secret powers, and thus tries her best to seduce him. Her immaturity, and the meddling of certain angels, end up impeding her towards her goal, but she does her best to remain steadfast. Due to circumstances, pretty-boy Minamoto is sent to live with his (smokin' hot) aunt, who teaches literature at the college he is attending. As it turns out, she wants to use him as research and pushes him to reenact "Genji Monogatari", a story in which a prince amasses his own harem.
Enjoyable series. I might have suggested it before, but it's worth repeating. A little more racey than Medaka Box, but that makes me like it even more :) I'm sort of in love with this manga at the moment. The artist draws some FANTASTIC girls.

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